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Welcome all Yogis and Yoginis!

Have you been feeling stressed out? Do you have chronic pain? Are you always wishing you were stronger and more flexible? Do you sometimes feel you are out of balance either literally or in life? Do you have an injury or chronic condition? Are you looking for safe ways to exercise and to heal your body?

Yoga just may be the answer for these and many other physical and non-physical concerns you are dealing with! Yoga helps us to focus on the present - rather than living our lives in the past or future and completely missing what is going in the now. It has been shown to improve circulation, cardiovascular health, posture, and alignment. Yoga can be helpful in dealing with weight management issues, injury recovery, and it can boost energy. The calm and peace cultivated on your yoga mat has been known to also filter into your life off of the mat.

Are you thinking where do I sign up?!?! Are you still unsure but want to learn more about yoga and its many benefits? Get in touch!


Julia K. Haramis, E-RYT 500, The Brooklyn Yogini

Julia Hats Project Uttanasana Variation

What is a Yogini?

A yogini is a female yoga practitioner. Yogini also can be translated as a woman representing a goddess, and what woman is not a goddess? A yogi is a male yoga practitioner but has been used at times without a specific gender in mind.

Julia Hats Project Parsvakonsana

The photographs on this page were taken by the amazing photographer Nisha Sondhe as part of her Hats project.