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I am an NYC native and have been an avid student of Yoga since the late 1990’s. My practice has transformed my body, health, and view on life. I grew up playing soccer to stay fit, and in high school starting going to the gym for additional training and exercise. While I enjoyed being active and the camaraderie of team sports, it was never a true passion and I always struggled to find adequate motivation.

Seeking stress relief and a new way to get the body moving, I was first drawn to yoga while studying at Boston University. After completing a degree in Finance and beginning a career in the ever-challenging world of Wall Street, I had little time for anything else beyond work and it took a toll on my body and spirit. After a few years of monthly donations to the gym and occasional yoga classes, I decided I was not happy with how I was feeling and it was time for a big change. After ditching the unused gym membership, working in daily visits to yoga studios, changing my diet, and making my happiness a high priority, things started to transform. My love of yoga and improving my health, renewed my zest for life. Since then, I have never left the mat and I have realized Yoga is essential in my life for maintaining mental and physical well-being.

I had the secret desire to teach for well over a year before I finally admitted my dream to a fellow yogini who also worked on Wall Street and was a favorite yoga teacher of mine (this is before it was so commonplace and not nearly as many people were certified then to teach as are today). Before talking about it out loud I could not let go of the fear that having a serious day job meant I could not go further down the yogic path but the I had the thought that through teaching yoga I could help others with the same issues I had struggled with. The inspiration, warm response, and support I received from my friend and teacher, were the important first steps on my teaching path. Part of learning more about yoga was a lesson in learning how to balance the various aspects of life.

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In my training, I have been primarily focusing on Vinyasa, ISHTA, Hatha, and what used to be know as Anusara Yoga, but I do love to experiment with taking classes in various styles. My classes are a blend of all of the teachings I have enjoyed and benefited from over the years. I truly loves sharing the gift of yoga with my students and helping them on their personal journeys. My teaching goal is to inspire my students to challenge themselves and I strive to make yoga accessible to student of all levels.

My practice and teaching help me to work towards attaining a sense of balance between the mind and body, which is a difficult journey every stressed out New Yorker can relate to! Finding the breath, both on and off the mat, has helped me to move through both difficult poses and situations in every day life with greater ease. I am a firm believer in integrating yoga throughout all aspects of life. As you will hear me say in class, I never did a handstand as a child and really never even imagined that I ever could. The support and encouragement of my fellow yogis and teachers have helped me to take risks and challenge myself, which has led to empowerment and life-changing success. After I was finally was able to do a handstand, I realized that was not the nearly the end - it was just the beginning.


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Certifications, Trainings, and Teacher Training Instruction

Julia Giving Child's Pose Adjust @ YP
  • 200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher Certification (200 RYT) - Yoga People - Brooklyn, NY (2006-2007)

  • Anusara Immersion 1 with Tara Glazier - Yoga People - Brooklyn, NY (2008)

  • Anusara Immersion 2 with Tara Glazier and Zhenja LaRosa - Yoga People - Brooklyn, NY (2009)

  • Anusara Immersion 3 with Tara Glazier and Zheja LaRosa - Yoga People - Brooklyn, NY (2009)

  • Off the Mat Into the World 5-Day Intensive Leadership Training with Seane Corn, Hala Khouri and Suzanne Sterling - Omega - Rhinebeck, NY (June 2009)

  • 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Certification (500 RYT) - ISHTA Yoga - NY, NY (2010)

  • Off the Mat Into the World Advanced Leadership Training with Seane Corn, Hala Khouri and Suzanne Sterling - Omega - Rhinebeck, NY (June 2010) and Ojai, CA (November 2011)

  • ISHTA Marma Therapy with Alan Finger, Kara Sekular and Kristin Leal - ISHTA Yoga - NY, NY (2010)

  • Relax and Renew Restorative Teacher Training Certification with Judith Hanson Lasater - NY, NY (May 2011)

  • Senior Teacher Trainer and Program Co-Leader in the Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Spring 2012, and Fall 2012 200 RYT Programs - Yoga People, Brooklyn, NY

  • Specialty Teacher Trainer in the Spring 2011, Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012, and Spring of 2013 200 RYT Programs (Anatomy, Injury Management, Teaching Beginners, Restorative Yoga, and Business of Yoga) - Yoga People, Brooklyn, NY

  • ISHTA Restorative Teacher Training with Mona Anand and Gina Menza - NY, NY (January 2012, Assistant)

  • ISHTA Yoga Retreat with Yogiraj Mona Anand to India (March 2012, Assistant and Workshop Teacher)

  • ISHTA Anatomy and Therapeutics Training with Kristin Leal - NY, NY (June 2012)

  • ISHTA Yoga, NY, NY - Assistant Teacher Trainer in Fall 2013 200 RYT Program, Junior Teacher Trainer in Spring 2014 200 RYT Program