Chambelland in Paris

If you are just tuning into the gluten-free Paris series you should read the prior two posts for context before this one. In this post I will start featuring my favorite gluten-free spots in Paris. Our first stop is Chambelland...

Chambelland is a crafty artisanal bakery that sits in the middle of a pedestrian square and is located in a hip area with a multitude of delicious new guard restaurants specializing in smaller plates and lighter fare (a few of my favorites are Aux Deus Amis, Au Passage and Le Clown Bar – all of which offer ample gluten-free options). I was able to visit twice for afternoon snacks but found myself wishing I had planned a proper lunch or a breakfast there. They have a well-priced formule (prix fixe) menu available for both meals. While everything I ate there was delicious, the standout item to note is their vast selection of breads.

My first time there I indulged in several chouquettes, small round balls made of a light puffed pastry sprinkled with sugar. I brought a few extras and let some gluten-loving friends sample them and they agreed that the texture and taste were spot-on and they would not have known there were gluten-free. I also bought a large chunk of focaccia bread speckled with black olives to enjoy later – they typically offer a few varieties of their focaccia in savory and sweet options. In this instance the texture was also amazingly executed – chewy, with visible air bubbles and just slightly dense, as focaccia should be. Chambelland uses this bread for the sandwiches that they prepare with varied ingredients each day. They also make several varieties of sweet and savory breads that come in varying loaf-shaped sizes.  

On my second visit I brought along my boyfriend and we could not resist the flawless looking tarts and decided to try out a blueberry one as well as a small chocolate cake. The tart shell was buttery and dense, with a perfect amount of flakiness. The chocolate cake was rich, dense and slightly chewy – the texture here was closer to a brownie or a flourless chocolate cake than a birthday-style layer cake. Chambelland also serves a wide selection of hot teas and coffee drinks that are a perfect accompaniment to their baked goods. For good measure, I also took a nice slab of focaccia bread to go on my second visit and I was pleasantly surprised at how long it lasted. Typically gluten-free bread changes texture very quickly because it does not have the gluten to keep it stable. In most instances it is necessary to toast gluten-free bread for it to be palatable. In this instance not only did it last for several days but it also stood up quite well as far as textural consistency. Chambelland offers both indoor and sidewalk seating in front of their shop that is serene enough to linger and catch up on some reading.

At the bottom I have included some pictures from my visits.

Chambelland - 14 rue Ternaux 75011 Paris, +331 43 55 07 30 (01 43 55 07 30 from France),,, Facebook: @boulangeriechambelland, Twitter: @chambelland, Instagram: @chambellandboulangerie, Métro: Line 3 – Parmentier, Lines 5 or 9 – Oberkampf. Everything is gluten-free. Eat-in and takeaway. Meals Served – Breakfast, Lunch or Snack.

Next post will featured another gem. Until then, bon appétit!

Julia xo



A chouquette.

The focaccia bread with olives.

The perfect afternoon treat!