Helmut Newcake in Paris

In this post I will be talking about another favorite gluten-free spot I discovered in Paris last summer called Helmut Newcake. There were two locations then - one near the Canal Saint Martin and the other in La Madeliene. The first location has since closed and the last time I checked their website indicated that a new project was in process - let's hope it is an expanded café coming soon!

During my stay in Paris I was able to visit each location of Helmut Newcake once. The location near Place de la Madeleine, which boasts the beautiful L'église de la Madeleine, is also very close to some of the best high-end food, clothing, and other retail destinations in Paris - it is well worth some exploration. The location of the shop is on a quiet side street. Inside it is small but well appointed, and without space for dining-in. It is a great option for grabbing bread or pastries to take with you. The neighborhood of the location near Canal Saint Martin has a completely different vibe. I blinked for a moment when I was there and I thought I was back in Brooklyn. It is very much a younger, hipper and less touristic area and it is well worth exploring the shops and buildings along the canal and on the winding side streets.

I arrived at Helmut Newcake Saint Martin (pictured in top image) in time for a late lunch and was told at the counter I could sit wherever I liked and they would come over and help me. This location was larger and quite cozy inside. It was decorated with homey mismatched tables and chairs. The large display counter in the front boasted their gluten-free pastry delights and off to the left side of the display case they also featured a small store selling predominantly dry goods. They typically offered several lunch options including sandwiches but sadly by the time I had arrived they were sold out of everything aside from the daily quiche option, which I hungrily ordered. A warm slab of dense quiche quickly arrived accompanied by a side salad of soft, deep purple butter lettuce lightly dressed with vinaigrette. The quiche contained goat cheese, herbs and eggplant in a perfectly flaky and buttery crust. Afterwards the dessert decision was quite tricky. On a whim I decided upon a quintessential French pastry that, to be honest, I never quite got – an éclair filled with a caramel-flavored custard. Well that day I got it immediately and found myself patiently savoring every delectable bite. The cream filing was perfectly smooth and not overly sweet, while the outer shell was buttery and slightly firm. On my way out I purchased some rolls and chocolate-dipped madeleines to enjoy later. The bread, light brown and dense inside, was good when toasted and topped with cheese. The madeleines were a perfect, flavorful, moist, and crumbly texture. It was a great option for a casual meal and it gave me a nice feel for the neighborhood.

Below I have included some pictures from my visit.

Helmut Newcake Canal Saint Martin - 36 rue Bichat 75010 Paris, +33 9 82 59 00 39, helmutnewcake@gmail.com, http://www.helmutnewcake.com, Facebook: @helmut-newcake, Instagram: @helmutnewcake, Métro: Line 5 –Jacques Bonsergent, Line 11 – Goncourt. Everything is gluten-free. Eat-in or takeaway. Meals Served – Lunch, Snack or Sunday Brunch. This location has closed since I was in Paris but perhaps a remake of it is on the way, check the website for more information before going.

Helmut Newcake La Madeleine - 28 rue Vignon 75009 Paris, +33 9 81 31 28 31, Métro: RER A – Auber, Line 8, 12 and 14 – Madeleine, Line 3 and 9 – Havre Caumartin, all other details the same as above. Everything is gluten-free. Takeaway only.

Next time I will be featuring my most favorite Parisian gluten-free spot of all so stay tuned!

Until then, bon appétit!

Julia xo

Canal Saint Martin location.

Special quiche of the day.

Eclairs and other treats at Canal Saint Martin location.

 The most amazing eclair!

The most amazing eclair!

I really wanted to try one of each of this but I resisted!

Gluten-free shop at Canal Saint Martin location.

Street view of La Madeleine location.