A Few Things To Read...

It is the end of the semester and as I am scrambling to study for exams and write papers I am constantly reminded of how much I have learned this semester and how much more there is to know. As I hit the books I will leave you this week with a few resources to check out. 

  • Nutritionista on Pinterest - I know I am late to the game on this one but I have finally started to use Pinterest the last few months. My "In the news..." board highlights many of the articles I read while keeping on top of food-related policy issues for class.
  • Resources - Be sure to visit the resources page on my website where I have listings of my favorite recipe blogs/websites, the best places to eat and shop healthfully, Yoga resources and recommended books to read.
  • Do you follow me on social media? My favorite medium is Instagram but you can also find me on Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook

I will see you on the other side - wish me luck! :)