Big Soda Is In The News...

As anyone who has gone to graduate school knows, there is a lot of reading assigned and even more that professors assume you are doing in your field to keep on top of current events. I have been diligently trying to keep on top of it all this semester and I find that people often ask me what I am reading for classes. I thought I would share some things I have been reading in the news for my Food Policy and Politics class with Marion Nestle, PhD.

Recently, Coca-Cola disclosed a list of organizations that they fund. The list is quite extensive and a had a good deal of health-focused organizations. It is hard to decide what is more shocking: the contradiction of doctors and dietitians taking money from Big Soda or how Coke has funded and publicly bragged about studies that obfuscate the role soda consumption plays in the obesity epidemic.

Read these soda stories in the NY Times to find out more:

In the next few weeks we will start to read Dr. Nestle's newest book that was just released, Soda Politics.